Album Review – rumHoney, Home Again (EP)

rumHoney are a London-based Alternative-rock group that have a bit of experience in the music industry. I was going to make this an artist recommendation, but I was particularly fond of their Home Again EP. Of all of their music, this soulful EP seemed to have the most character and encompasses the band’s sound best.

So let’s break down this short EP track-by-track:

1. Home Again – The title song for the EP is a good preview of the group’s music. Home Again seems to be one of the group’s more popular hits, and I could not pick a more fitting song. The pace is smooth and increases without being too abrasive, and the vocals compliment the instruments perfectly. Very solid start to the EP and an excellent song. Fades out nicely and lasts a while. 9.75/10

2. Bitter Love – Bitter Love features a progressive Rock sound that appears to have played with Country music a bit. The clash works well, though the vocals are a little drowned out by the instruments. The sound is consistent throughout and includes one of the catchiest hooks on the EP. 9.25/10

3. Wildest Dreams – I immediately got a vibe of 1970’s rock when hearing the intro to this track. This song proves more than any that this group could be appealing to any audience. The lyricism is sweet and romantic while not being too gushy, and though the hook is a bit hard to spot as there is not much change of pace. I enjoyed the emphasis on the vocals on this track. 9.25/10

4. Only As Good As The Last Kiss – I was not expecting the ride-out of the EP to be a slow love ballad, but rumHoney surprised me. The brief project closes out with an emotional love song with background vocals adding to the atmosphere. The main vocals are a little rough, but improve especially on the bridge. Despite being slower than the previous tracks, this one still retains a catchy sound. 9.25/10

So that averages out to slightly above 9.25/10. I find this group’s sound similar to Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the mellow Alternative music can be quite enjoyable. Definitely one of my favorite bands I have written about, rumHoney is worth checking out. If you liked this EP, you might also like their other short albums East To West and Da Swishlish, which contain a similar sound.

Go ahead and check out this EP below, and go ahead and listen to rumHoney on their SoundCloud:

-Austin Heath