Music Recommendation – Single – Rixton, Wait On Me

I know I post way too much about Rixton but they are one of my favorite groups. #DealWithIt But seriously, this is probably my favorite Rixton song. Wait On Me is upbeat and exciting, and is actually one of my favorite songs currently (as per the AMP playlist in the sidebar).

Another boy-bandish love song, Wait On Me shows the boys’ soft spot for love. The beat change before the hook is sick and probably my favorite part of the song. I was not going to post about this one until I saw how few listens it has had, so I had to give this one a signal boost.

Overall, I would rate the song at 9.75/10. The lyrics can get just a bit repetitive but the bridge is hardly that way. However it is a bit disappointing. Still, really like the song, so give it a listen:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Rixton, I Knew You Were Trouble (Response)

I find Rixton one of the better boy-bands in the industry, yet they do not get the appreciation that I would’ve thought. One of my favorite songs by the group is their remix/response to Taylor Swift’s I Knew You Were Trouble.

The song is creative, catchy and quite good. Jake and the band sing well and Lewi on drums is fire. It is everything you would expect a Taylor Swift response to be: a guy feeling smothered. Basically though, the track is very catchy and is one of Rixton’s several remixes of popular songs. I’ll just leave this one but you can check out the others, including ProblemLet Me Love You, and How We Do (Party).

Overall, I would rate this one 9/10. Vocals are patchy at times and the lyrics seem a bit cruel despite the defensive tone that the song starts with. Just nitpicking at inconsistency, give it a listen anyways below:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Rixton, We All Want The Same Thing

Rixton is a very underappreciated group despite having two rather popular hit songs. I love both of them, along with most of their other songs. But one that stands out is We All Want The Same Thing.

Singer Jake Roche sings the entire song in a high pitch and sensational voice, and Lewi, Danny and Charley on drum and guitar support him well. The song is all around pleasant and solid. Typical “let’s get together” song but it is very catchy.

I give it a 8.75/10. The bridge is a little off from the song but still leads into a good finale. I recommend a listen below:

-Austin Heath