Music Recommendation – Single – R. Kelly, Feelin’ Single

R. Kelly is considered the King of RnB, and I have yet to disagree with that. The man still continues to put out music I love, which is annoying when I want to find new talent and he’s always poking me like “Hey I can still sing.” I understand R. Kelly, but I need to listen to someone els – oh fine one more replay. Feelin’ Single is actually one of my favorite modern R. Kelly hits.

This song never seemed to catch on like Share My Love did (though it did get its own music video). This song has always been one of the smoothest modern RnB songs I have heard, and I cannot help but love listening to it. The single vibe is upbeat while still being calm until the escalating bridge, which gets a bit too exciting for my taste. The finale hook and voice-overs on it seem a little forced but are passionate, which I enjoy.

Overall, I would rate the song a 9.5/10. I have said my minor complaints, but this song is still satisfying a couple years after its release. Go ahead and hear it below:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – R. Kelly, Physical

This, along with All The Way with Kelly Rowland (which I wrote about a couple of weeks ago) are the only two songs I truly love on the Black Panties album. Physical is a slow love-song with a sexual subject. The track shows the King of RnB’s talent in song throughout the whole thing.

The beat instantly introduces the RnB sound and the lyrics are typical of R. Kelly. I really love how much this track compares to R. Kelly’s older sound.

Overall, I would rate the song at 9.5/10. Hook is fire and the song is so smooth, but gets a little old after the first couple minutes if you are just straight listening to it and the autotune is a bit too apparent at times. Still seriously deserves a listen, check it out below:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Ashanti ft. R. Kelly, That’s What We Do

On the list of my all-time favorites, we have Ashanti’s That’s What We Do with RnB King R. Kelly. Despite being in my favorites, I am not using this song up for my Favorites Friday as it is relatively unknown. I wrote earlier about a song with Ashanti, and this also came out during the same time when Ashanti was attempting to lift her career back up. I really love this piece, but unfortunately it did not receive much appreciation from the public.

Although you can expect the words “That’s what we do, that’s what we do” a lot, the song still has an awesome hook and is an incredible duet. The bridge is way too auto-tuned at first, but improves until the finale chorus. If you are fond of RnB like myself then chances are you might enjoy this. Ashanti sounds great, and R. Kelly even better. I really just like this song overall and find it extremely catchy.

I would rate the song at about 9.25/10. I think it is worth a listen, so give it a chance below:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – R. Kelly ft. Kelly Rowland, All The Way

All The Way, which has Kelly featuring Kelly, was unknown to me until I found it in a recent search on here. I had to give it a listen as I somehow missed that awesome combo in a song. And I did not regret listening to it!

Kelly starts the song strong with beautiful vocals, while R. Kelly waits more than a minute into the song until joining in. R. Kelly introduces a good hook and sings for a while in the duet. His voice definitely does not live up to the excellence that Rowland’s brings into the track. Still good, Kelly Rowland keeps the song at pace and helps make the duet great.

This song has some serious RnB sound, it’s almost a year old now though and I do feel bad for missing it. Overall I would rate it at around 8.75/10. Love her voice, R. Kelly just doesn’t provide what I expected though. Still worth listening to, one of my new favorite songs now. Give it a quick listen below:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Kelly Rowland ft. Mario, R. Kelly, Jeremih, The Dream, Busta Rhymes & Trey Songz

Motivation was one of my favorite songs for a while when it was popular in 2011, but the legendary remix featuring a handful or RnB greats found me over a year after I heard the original for the first time. I’m sure you can guess which version I prefer.

While I’m sure plenty of people have heard this one, I recently researched it to give it a final listen for a long time as I hadn’t cared much about the song for a while. It appealed to me so much yet again that I had to add it to my favorites playlist (my inspiration for many of these posts), and I felt it would be a good idea to write about it.

Each verse carries the same perspective of the guy in the original Motivation song. Kelly Rowland has little part in this remix, but her vocals help the other artists shine plenty. I almost feel bad for wanting to cut her out of her own song. More or less each RnB favorite brings their own version of sex with Kelly Rowland in the song, but Mario starts the song off so strong it almost puts your expectations for the rest too high. R. Kelly, Jeremih, and The Dream bring excellent vocals to their versions while Busta Rhymes’ verse is rapped in the usual Busta Rhymes manner.

At the end, Trey Songz caps the remixes edited together with a sound that comes close behind Mario’s entrance. He is the biggest reason to wait for the end of the song if you don’t like the start. His voice with Kelly’s makes this part sound more like a duet than the others.

My overall rating for this song is 9.5/10. Some of the vocals feel forced onto the original track and edited when they don’t need to be, but the sound is incredibly RnB and features one of the greatest collaboration in modern RnB. Give it a listen below and be prepared for a little bit of explicit content:

-Austin Heath