Throwback Thursday – Queen, The Show Must Go On

I literally just realized while showering that I almost forgot to do my “Throwback Thursday” post. Then I remembered that a good friend of mine and partner had started his own music blog (the one who originally gave me the idea, so he deserves props for firsties). I also remembered how much he loves Queen, especially Queen’s The Show Must Go On.

This track was recorded back in 1991, when Freddie Mercury was dying; and in one take no less. I consider this song a good transition into modern Rock and 1990’s Alternative music. It was truly progressive, and features some of the best from Freddie Mercury’s vocals.

That being said, the instruments supporting Mercury should never be looked over. The guitar plays a huge part in the background, despite often being drowned out. The finale of the song is remarkable, and stands out to me with every listen. It is iconic and incredible.

I have passed on rating songs that I consider classics, and this is one of them. I do not wish to rate it, as I never could neutrally and would immediately give it a 10/10. That being said, the song has its own flaws when compared to a particular standard (chaotic sound, for example). I still recommend a listen or trip down memory lane below:

-Austin Heath

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