Music Recommendation – Single – Prizm, “Dimensions”

prizmPrizm are a British EDM group joining the DJ and Production scene in music. The trifecta of wub-wub music hail from South London, and use their debut song Dimensions to get some attention from listeners. The song is absolutely a solid starting foot forward and worth a listen.

Deminsions begins with a club-hopping feel to it and hardly seems original. As it progresses, the song transforms and switches pace by using a low bassline and different sounds. The first minute of the song starts out a bit rough, but as the song transitions quickly into a mellow tone, it becomes entrancing. After the first minute, it becomes a catchy EDM hit with loads of hype and excitement throughout.

Overall, I would rate the song at:


A tough start is never a great sign, but the song becomes so entertaining and interesting that the EDM debut is easy to listen to in full. My hope would be that Prizm takes advantage of the sound they have gripped in this song and use it as a template for making new music soon.

To learn more about Prizm, you can check out their bio and information on Dimensions on here. You can check out the song below:

-Austin Heath