Hear It First – Pitbull ft. Chris Brown, Fun

pitbullPitbull adds Chris Brown to this party-track to make it a “fun” song. That was the only pun I could think of, other than a nod to the Spongebob song of the same name. The song has the usual outline of a Pitbull song: Intro and Chorus, Beat Drop, Pitbull “rapping” then repeat. The summer-y sound of the beat is a bit poorly timed (especially if you are in Buffalo), but I thought Chris Brown sounded solid. However, his voice is crazily worked on by production.

I kind-of like the song, but not enough to write a recommendation article about a song that will probably jump on Billboard like a fat kid on a friend’s trampoline. So you can go ahead and check out the new song below:

-Austin Heath

Hear It First – Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo, Time Of Our Lives

Pitbull has a soft spot in my heart, despite the fact that anymore I find it hard to listen to his music these days. Let’s face it though, for the most part we have listened to Pitbull for his hooks. Time Of Our Lives is a perfect example, and I do not need a song analysis to tell you that.

Ne-Yo sounds solid, though vocals are a bit over-edited. I predict this song will get some big attention though, not like Give Me Everything though (that song was my jam that summer too). It is a feel-good hit and made to be that exactly, mostly like Pitbull’s other tracks.

So go ahead and listen to it below so you can hear it first:

-Austin Heath