Artist Recommendation – PelleK

Metal has never been a genre that I’ve given many listens. In fact, before I listened to PelleK, I never considered listening to Metal at all. Some artists are just so incredible that they give you reason to have an open mind. The music from PelleK is truly worth mentioning.

PelleK began singing four years ago with his group of fellow Norwegians, and working with the band named after himself, remixed several covers of popular songs, ranging from pop hits to cartoon and anime themes. He began putting a spin on these songs and giving them a taste of Metal. Despite being able to go on tour and perform live, Per Fredrick Åsly chose to continue his YouTube success, granting him over 300,000 subscribers and a little north of 30,000,000 views. I can attest that his covers are incredible, his voice is superb and the art of metalizing popular music is quite awesome.

PelleK has quite the voice, and his Metal creations include both power ballads with soft Metal and hardcore Metal. I’ve always preferred softer Metal, that is just my own opinion. He pulls off both quite well though, and below I will be leaving my favorite covers by him. They are all great, but my absolute favorites are the Kiss From A Rose cover (this one might even go in the all-timers soon) and his video featuring EVERY Pokémon theme song.

Overall, I would have to rate PelleK and his group at 9.25/10. Again, this is hard because I am not a huge Metal fan, and if I do listen to Metal I tend to stick to a much less intense sound. However, this group and their singer have some serious talent and I would love to hear some power ballads and fast tracks created and written by them. I seriously recommend a listen:

And just released today:

And for more check out his personal YouTube channel:

-Austin Heath