Hear It First – Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney, “FourFiveSeconds”

fourfivesecondsI cannot say I expected this song to be anything else than Kanye West trying to out-sing Rihanna (to no avail). Rihanna’s vocals may be the only tolerable part of this song (which takes up about half the song). The beat is minimalistic, comprising of an acoustic guitar stringing the same chords more than often.

While I will not talk about the lack of relevance the title has to the song, the subject as a whole is hard to decipher. The song disappoints quite a bit, at least by my standards. Much of the song is just noise layered on more noise, and Paul McCartney’s presence is virtually invisible (but then again, maybe that’s what we needed after his butchered vocals in “Only One”).

You can buy the song on iTunes here, or find your chance and hear it on YouTube before it is taken down (As History will call it, “The Streaming Struggle of 2015”):

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Hear It First – Kanye West ft. Paul McCartney, “Only One”

kanye-west_paul-mccartney_only-oneKanye West brings on Beatles-great Paul McCartney to create Only One after the rumored track by these two was to be named Piss On Your Grave. When hearing this song, the first thing I think is “Autotune” and T-Pain suggesting that Kanye West does not know how to use it. I will not say he is wrong.

The song is supposed to be from Kanye’s mother’s point of view, and the design of this song is much different from anything on Yeezus. Only One is unique and deep, making it feel like the Kanye West sound that listeners have wanted back for years. The keyboard that fades out the song is very throwback-y and the song as a whole feels like a fit for any age or listener.

Go ahead and hear it first below:

-Austin Heath