Music Recommendation – Single – Pastel ft. Dark Blue, Love With Me (Tonight)

Unlike the general listener, I appreciate new and unique ideas for music. Take Love With Me (Tonight) for example. The song is EDM/Dance with Hip-Hop/Rap vocals and a Dubstep bridge. While I am sure this idea has been applied, I have yet to hear a successful attempt at this. Love With Me (Tonight) is, in my opinion, the best attempt at this experimental concept.

I do have my own complaints about the song, but I want to talk about the good of it first. The beat is simple but has a complex undertone that evolves throughout the song, leading into the Dubstep and making it more predictable rather than dropping it out of nowhere and pushing back the listener. While normally EDM and Hip-Hop do not mix well, the beat features a Hip-Hop based design that compliments the raps. Despite this, my favorite part of the song is the sung hook.

If you wanted a comparison, I would say Dark Blue sounds similar to Slice 9. The song has serious influence from different artist while staying purely original, which is something I can seriously respect.

The rap verses can be a little weak and lack flow, especially the first. Sadly the bass drop was not everything I was expecting it to be, but then again I am very picky when it comes to Dubstep. It does remind me of Skrillex’s Rock And Roll, my personal favorite Dubstep song, so props there for coming close.

This song was one of the harder ones to review, so it took some time to think it over. After a couple of listens I can objectively rate it at 8.5/10. I do like the song a lot and really enjoy certain aspects of the track, but my fondness for the song is taken away then returned to me way too often for my tastes. You said you’d be different Love With Me (Tonight), don’t tease me like that!

I recommend listening to the song below:

-Austin Heath