Music Recommendation – Single – PARTYNEXTDOOR ft. Drake, Recognize

partynextdoorTo be honest, I am not sure how I feel about PARTYNEXTDOOR yet. I see he has a rather loyal following, and some of his music is enjoyable (see this song), but he almost sounds like a copy of Future. That seems to be the trend anymore, though, so I will just pull up my big boy pants, quit pouting and get over it.

I saw someone make a comment about Drake stating that he has helped establish modern RnB/Soul. I laughed at first, but I can now see the reasoning behind it. You can call me white, gay, whipped, or any other true adjective describing me, but I prefer hearing Drake’s singing voice over his rapping. This song only gives a preview of his singing voice, but it is a highlight of the track.

The song is appealing in the way Turn On The Lights was, in that you want to disregard it at first but have to finish the song for whatever reason, then you end up listening to it again. Then this process repeats for a few weeks. In essence, this song has a superficial appeal to it where it reminds me of a previous song that I liked and has a catchy Hip-Hop/RnB effect to it. I wanted to share this song though to introduce everyone to PARTYNEXTDOOR in case you had been in the dark before.

Overall, I would rate the song at 8.25/10. I find myself coming back to it often, so despite my lack of commitment to the song’s quality, I still do recommend giving it a listen. I find myself drawn to it and the sound of PARTYNEXTDOOR. You can hear the song below:

-Austin Heath