Billboard Hot 100 Favorites #1


In honor of hitting 5,000 views today, I decided to do something special. Just because I write about less-than-mainstream music sometimes does not mean I have no ounce of soul. AKA I do not consider myself a hipster. If you do, go ahead, but I thought I would share my favorite mainstream music picks. So let’s jump right into this, I’ll even give quick ratings!

Disclosure: I will not write about songs that I have already given “Hear It First” articles. These songs and their positions are as of the week of January 17, 2015 on the America (‘Murica!) chart. You can read about each song below the jump:

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Hear It First – One Direction, Ready To Run

One Direction have released the next single for their upcoming album, Four. The song has folk-rock influence and switches up the sound that 1D generally represents. I do not have much time to write about it, so I’ll leave it below. And yes, I do kinda like it.

You can hear it first below:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – One Direction, Fireproof

Yes, I am a Directioner. And I’m a dude. So before you immediately leave this page take into consideration that I promise, nay swear, to be as neutral and unbiased as possible.

I’ve liked One Direction since What Makes You Beautiful was big, due to their catchy tunes and adorable band members. Though WMYB never really appealed to me, Gotta Be You and One Thing absolutely did. I can safely say that I’ve heard most, if not all, of their music and know plenty about the group.

Now, about the song. I’m a couple weeks late, and the song has caught on already. The sound seems to have spread like fire.

Okay, now that the uncalled-for puns are over with, Fireproof is a preview of One Direction’s sound in their upcoming album, Four, an LP whose name was given way too much thought (</sarcasm>).

The song itself starts out very acoustic, with Harry leading the vocals. Song intensifies a bit, and Niall takes the mic carrying on the same message Harry gives. The hook is catchy and smooth, with Zayn’s voice most recognizable. Every member gets a small 30 second window to themselves to sing about the same thing, minus Liam (my personal favorite). Instead, the Indie sound of Fireproof is heard in the voice-break at around 1:45. I’m not a huge Indie person, but it is mellow and their sound is very smooth, not the pop-excitable music we’re used to from the band.

All in all, the song is very catchy despite its calm nature. The message is similar to most love songs, this particular girl (who somehow is the love interest of the whole band) knows them and saves them better than anyone else. While slightly repetitive, the simple lyrics are easy to know and repeat later after hearing it once or twice. I personally like the song, my only complaint being the repetitive lyrics. But if I wanted something else I should be listening to a different genre than modern pop. My rating for this song is 8.75/10, definitely worth a listen (In case you haven’t already).

The song hasn’t been heavily advertised, so I’m sure there are people unknown of this new song. Take a listen below:

-Austin Heath