Music Recommendation – Single – Mystery Skulls ft. Nile Rogers and Brandy, Number 1

It is no secret that I can be a bit biased towards certain RnB artists. So I have to admit, when I saw Brandy on the new track by Mystery Skulls, I felt a need to hear it right away. It did take a couple of listens, but this song has some serious appeal.

Brandy is the singer on the hook, so we can clear that up. While the repeating of “number one” may sound a bit too much like Ariana Grande for my tastes, Brandy’s voice sounds lovely and the song is incredibly catchy. I must say that normally I lean more towards liking the hook of a song, but I love the retro style the song presents.

Overall, I would rate the song about a 9.25/10. The song is catchy but still keeps a retro RnB vibe that I am always a sucker for. I recommend giving it a chance below:

-Austin Heath