Music Recommendation – Single – Nick Jonas ft. Tinashe, Jealous (Remix)

I won’t lie, I actually liked the original Jealous. Wait, no, that was just Nick Jonas’ abs. I hadn’t actually heard the song until recently because I’m too hipster for mainstream apparently. I liked it, but not enough to write about one of the most popular songs available, or course. Who do you think I am, Billboard?

Last night I heard the radio rip of the remix, then this morning I heard the real deal, and around noon I wrote about it on The Jealous remix’s last stop seems to be AMP and my YouTube playlists of favorites.

Because I liked the song to begin with, I was a bit worried when I saw a remix. Would this be a failed attempt to make an already sound song better? Then I saw Tinashe’s name and was less worried. Then I listened to the song and stopped worrying.

I was conflicted on whether to write about it, but look what you’re reading now. The remix was officially released today, so this one is fresh. Tinashe adds an RnB twist to the song and makes it a duet, which I feel like this song really needed to be.

In essence, I would say the remix is better than the original. Unfortunately, it at first seems that Tinashe’s voice will contradict the background and Jonas’ voice, but they turn it into a duet rather than taking their own portion of time on the track. The song is played off very well and would be hard to place as a remix if you had not heard it before.

So overall, I would rate the song at 9.25/10. I was very impressed by the remix and have been keeping an open mind on Nick Jonas’ music, which has yet to truly disappoint me. His new self-titled debut (but not really) album comes out November 11 for kicks and giggles. Meanwhile, Tinashe sounds passionate and her voice reaches melodic heights. Plus, did I mention Jonas abs?

I recommend you give the song a listen below:

-Austin Heath

P.S. You’re welcome: