Music Recommendation – Single – Ne-Yo, Can’t Fight It

More Ne-Yo! I just love that Ne-Yo’s cover of self-written song Can’t Fight It made everyone think he was gay for a brief moment. This was actually written for Leona Lewis back in 2010, but he definitely tops her on this one. The song reminds me a lot of One Direction’s Stole My Heart (play them both at the same time, it’s hilarious).

Can’t Fight It is pretty standard of what you’d assume, can’t fight being attracted to him – erm, her. Them. Whatever. The song is very catchy and brings a pop twist to a good RnB song. Overall I would give it a 9/10. Sound is a little funny and definitely not Ne-Yo’s style, but still very decent. Should appeal to a lot of listeners.

Give the song a hear below:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Ne-Yo, Move Along

Tonight has been a lot of the same RnB stuff I like, but this one is very well worth it. The track is a little bit on the old side, but it’s still good listening. Between the piano and Ne-Yo’s excellent vocals, it’s hard to hear the consistent beat throughout the song, but it makes this song a perfect RnB hit that never was. Still surprised this song never caught on.

Move Along pays a bit of tribute to Beyonce’s Irreplacable. The hook features the phrase “To the left, to the left” each time and the subject of the song is Ne-Yo’s fed up-ness of a woman who continually wrongs him, much like Beyonce to her male counterpart. The song pays good homage to her track and stands out to make itself unique. His voice is great throughout the song and the beat does not overpower him.

Overall I give this one a 9.5/10, may not appeal to everyone but I can’t imagine anyone will find this one a waste of time. Go ahead and listen below:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Ne-Yo ft. Trey Songz and T-Pain, The Way You Move

Yes, I know this one has been heard by plenty, and is also a little old (dating back to the end of 2011). But let me just say that most of those 18,000,000 views are probably because of me. I freaking love this song, almost 3 years later. I have trouble picking my all-time favorite songs, but I can tell you if this isn’t #1 it is in the top 3. It helped open me up into loving Ne-Yo and Trey Songz, and eventually T-Pain as well.

I will admit that the song is a little sexual and not about much else, and I will also admit that it is a little slow. But my God these three make an incredible song together. I don’t know why we haven’t seen this collaboration again since then, but it was amazing. The message is clear in the lyrics but it also shows the attachment that men can get to women who perform for them after seeing them a number of times. I don’t find the song as abrasive and brainless as most sexualized songs, as this one has a bit of meaning to it’s words.

Ne-Yo’s voice sounds calm but troubled, almost as if he has to be an actor through the song. He sings smoothly and provides an excellent hook. Trey Songz sounds the best of all, his voice reaches immense heights and, not surprisingly, his verse sounds very authentic.

Meanwhile, T-Pain sounds a little more autotuned than usual (yes, it is possible). That would be my only complaint for the song. I hear others complain that Usher should have replaced T-Pain here, but I liked the change of pace and sound that he gave the tune.

Again, this is one of my all-time favorites, so my opinion might be a little biased. However, overall I give this song a 9.25/10. T-Pain is a little disappointing, but I promise it is not worth considering the song ruined. I know plenty have heard it, but might as well enjoy it again anyways:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Ne-yo ft. Juicy J, She Knows

Gonna post this here before the song explodes, which I believe it will very soon. Finally got a normal version uploaded by Ne-Yo’s VEVO. I would have posted this earlier but no video player would work with this song, but better late than never.

Though it starts out a bit trumpet-y, the song is very upbeat and loud, explaining how a particular woman knows of her powers to seduce men. The sound is great, though I could see it appealing less to a standard RnB listener. Juicy J picks up a strong verse similar to most of his other features, and the song plays out.

Overall I’d rate this one 9/10, look for it to be one of Ne-Yo’s most popular hits in the past couple of years (it’s already climbing charts, needs a music video to verify its popularity though). Tends to get stuck in my head pretty quickly, but you go ahead and give it a listen below:

-Austin Heath

Music Review – Album – Ne-Yo, 3 Simple Rules (EP)

I’ll be honest, Ne-Yo is one of my favorite artists. I started listening to him a little bit after Libra Scale was released and instantly loved his music, in particular one of my all-time favorite songs, One in a Million and Making a Movie. However, I want to focus on his most recent album (if this even counts as an album), 3 Simple Rules.

This EP focuses on, you guessed it, 3 simple rules, to focus on when in a relationship with a woman. With an album, I prefer to break it down by song, so I will do so here:

1. New Love – Really like this song due to the Motown sound of it. It sounds passionate, authentic and quite frankly, very good. Starting with any of the other two songs would have been a mistake as this reels you right in to listen to the rest. The background sound is catchy in itself and the lyrics are much like Ne-Yo’s other tracks. The climb is a little disappointing, which would be my biggest complaint for all three songs, being honest. This song is very catchy and similar to Ne-Yo’s popular hits over the years. 9/10

2. Bigger Than This – My favorite song of the three, this sounds the most like the real Ne-Yo. His voice is very smooth and the harmonies are superb. All he’s saying is that the stupid fight that they are having is not worth it compared to their relationship as a whole, which I seriously relate to. This track is very catchy and elegant, despite the less-than-impressive climb and ending. Still an excellent song, 9.25/10.

3. Gotchu Right – This song felt more like modern RnB than any of the three, though I can’t really explain why. Despite this, it is my least favorite track. This is due more to my appreciation for New Love and my love for Bigger Than This. This song is just a little too graphic and less subtle. Not much to say about this one except that it is a good song, just not as good as the other two and more focused on sex. 7.5/10

The Outro is short but good, nothing very noteworthy though. I’ll just skip that part. In the end, I give the album a 9.25/10. I still listen to it after first hearing it over 6 months ago, helped me a lot while I did small tasks and I still find the songs very catchy. Go ahead and give it a listen below, enjoy:

-Austin Heath

Music Review – Album – Kevin Ross, Dialogue in the Grey (EP)

Another RnB recommendation goes to Kevin Ross, an up and coming artist already working with well-known music talents including R. Kelly and Usher. Recently released EP Dialogue in the Grey showcases the singer’s talent and features Ne-Yo and TI. Ne-Yo even gave the EP a shoutout on his Facebook fanpage a couple of days ago. While short, the four-song album is worth breaking down by each song to understand it completely:

1. Don’t Say You Will ft. TI – Solid start, a whole lot of talking for the first minute but his voice is worth the wait. TI puts down a smooth verse, and transitions well from song to rap and back to song. If you could cut out the beginning talk introducing the song, it would be near perfect. Catchy beat as well, I say 8.5/10.

2. Overrated ft. Ne-Yo – Definitely the best song on the album, Kevin Ross explains the sucky parts of living single and why he wants love “over nights of being single.” Unable to cope, he sings passionately and firmly and gives the floor to Ne-Yo for stanza 2. This part, while good, sounds very Ne-Yo-y featuring the “uh huh” and talking about making a girl feel special. But what can I say, I’m a sucker for Ne-Yo’s music, then and now. Ends with a phone call record of some woman. However, besides this, awesome song with a good hook, 9.25/10

3. Money Over Love – The last two songs are solo-records, and this one gives us a good idea of his talent. We hear much less auto-tune, and the song is very smooth until a little after a minute in, where we get that deep rap voice going “Make that money.” I guess we’ll have to block that out. Feels like it ruins the song, the first minute is so incredible and if it just continued in the same direction then this song would be #1. The songs continues downwards and isn’t worth listening after the first minute and a half. Good start, but only gets 5.5/10 for lack of consistency.

4. Dream – Much better than the previous track, Dream provides the higher frequencies of Ross’ voice. The lyrics feel more authentic and the sound has a souly feel to it. Close behind Overrated for best song, but loses out due to the DJ’d “Dream, dream, d-d-dream” segment. Piano melody is calm and does not dominate his voice. Solid song, really showcases the best parts of his singing and music. Ending is a little disappointing but not a song-ruiner. Better to be put at the end than in the start of the song. 9/10.

So overall, Kevin Ross’ EP features catchy songs and impressive guests, but ultimately does not showcase the real skills of Ross’ voice as it should. The few new, unrecycled beats and love songs seem to be all the same thing. Worth a listen, may appeal to others but me, not so much. I do enjoy listening to a couple songs off of it though. Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Go ahead and listen below:

-Austin Heath