Music Recommendation – Single – Martin Garrix and MOTi, Virus (How About Now)

Remember that time when I said I have trouble sitting through a vocal-less EDM track? You know, back not even 24 hours ago? Well Martin Garrix almost changed that, except after about 2 minutes into the song, vocals do in fact come to play. I feel as though this is a special “thank you” to anyone who listened for longer than a minute.

I was immediately impressed with the bassline and synths that occur without affecting the voice of the singer (whose name I still cannot figure out). The beat-drop into the hook is rather sick, and I have been stuck on this song all day.

Overall, I have to rate the song a 10/10. It’s a simple EDM track with vocals plugged in to keep the listener excited, which is a unique idea. The beat is rather hyping and I cannot find a flaw in this song. I know I am a bit lacking in EDM knowledge, however I can safely say this is quite a good song.

I seriously say give it a listen below:

-Austin Heath