Music Recommendation – Single – Yellowcard ft. Matty Mullins, The Deepest Well

YellowcardMemphis Mayfire singer Matty Mullins joins Yellowcard on this pop-punk track that became the most popular hit on the group’s album Lift A Sail. The song is loud and energetic, but guitar riffs throughout the bridge lead into a big finale chorus. The pump-up and exciting song is an easy listen and highly appealing.

The song starts with immediate guitar and percussion sounds and adds the vocals soon after. The bridge is completely empty of any voices and transitions into another chorus before ending. That might be the only empty part of the song.

There is not much else to say about the song, it is all-around solid and enjoyably Pop-punk without being over-abrasive in its sound. Matty Mullins normally performs in his deep Metal-y voice, but this is a refreshing change that I have heard previously and found appealing.

Overall, I would rate the song at:


You can go ahead and check out the song and its accompanying music video below:

-Austin Heath