Hear It First – Martin Garrix ft. Ed Sheeran, “Rewind Repeat It”

martin-garrixFreshly premiered at the Ultra Music Festival is Martin Garrix’s “Rewind Repeat It” featuring Ed Sheeran. The song follows up on one of Garrix’s popular hits currently featuring Usher, “Don’t Look Down”. Martin Garrix is starting to look like David Guetta recruiting all of these major acts.

You can stream the song below and hear it first:

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Music Recommendation – Single – Martin Garrix and MOTi, Virus (How About Now)

Remember that time when I said I have trouble sitting through a vocal-less EDM track? You know, back not even 24 hours ago? Well Martin Garrix almost changed that, except after about 2 minutes into the song, vocals do in fact come to play. I feel as though this is a special “thank you” to anyone who listened for longer than a minute.

I was immediately impressed with the bassline and synths that occur without affecting the voice of the singer (whose name I still cannot figure out). The beat-drop into the hook is rather sick, and I have been stuck on this song all day.

Overall, I have to rate the song a 10/10. It’s a simple EDM track with vocals plugged in to keep the listener excited, which is a unique idea. The beat is rather hyping and I cannot find a flaw in this song. I know I am a bit lacking in EDM knowledge, however I can safely say this is quite a good song.

I seriously say give it a listen below:

-Austin Heath