Music Recommendation – Single – Maroon 5 ft. J. Cole, Animals (Remix)

I will admit that I don’t hate on Maroon 5 like most people do. I find quite a few of their songs very good. Animals is definitely one of them, but with J. Cole hopping on the remix yesterday (the first song with him in a long while) I had to give this one a listen.

The song itself is similar to most Maroon 5 songs, and Adam Levine sings as he normally does. However, J. Cole goes hard in the second half of his verse and really gives the song something to look forward to. Song is everything you’d expect from Maroon 5 but the J. Cole remix is absolutely the best version of it.

This remix gets a rating of 8.75/10. The song itself isn’t much different from the usual but it still is pretty catchy, and J. Cole sounds excellent. I can see a lot of people really liking this song, so go ahead and hear it below:

-Austin Heath