Favorites Friday – T-Pain ft. Wiz Khalifa and Lily Allen, 5 O’Clock

5 O’Clock was in my Top 50 all-time favorites for a couple of years, but in this recent list was bumped on out. While the song has not had the appeal that it used to, I still consider it a song that helped mold my music tastes and my liking for T-Pain’s music.

I had listened to T-Pain music before, but I usually liked it for the artist on the track with him. 5 O’Clock was the first song that I actually enjoyed the T-Pain verses rather than the hook or rap verse. This opened me up to other songs that barely slipped the Top 50 this year like Best Love Song and Turn All The Lights On.

The song itself has never been the best T-Pain song, but it has some nostalgia to it that bumps it up on the rating chart. Overall, I would personally rate it at 8/10. I always liked the Khalifa verse and T-Pain’s verses were always fun to listen to. I remember listening to this song most while on a college tour in New England when the song was most popular. The song has the potential to bump back up into next year’s Top 50, along with a couple of other songs that barely slipped by (such as OneRepublic’s Secrets, which came in at #51, an impossibly hard choice).

So go ahead and jump on my nostalgia train below:

-Austin Heath