Music Recommendation – Single – Labrinth, Let It Be

Let It Be might not appeal to every listener, but it really stuck out to me. It has a very original sound and is quite bluesy in its own RnB way. I love how different from most music this track is.

The hook is pretty neat with its beat drop, but like I said this track will probably only appeal to particular listeners. The passion of Labrinth though makes Let It Be worth at least a quick listen.

This song is hard to rate with how original it is. If I had to rate it neutrally, I would give it a 8.75/10. Hard to explain the song, merges a lot of Gospel, Blues, Soul, and EDM into one track. Really just a crazy song that is an interesting listen. Check it out and see what you think:

-Austin Heath

P.S. Go ahead and skip to about 0:10 or so for the song.