Artist Recommendation – Kit Rice

While in the process of scouting potential talent in my Twitter followers, I stumbled upon Kit Rice, lead singer of the band KIT. The singer has not released much music, but what he has given listeners has been worth noting.

Rice’s music is soft and calm, and his unique voice pulls off a relaxing vibe to the music. The lyricism is hardly empty though, and every song seems to be Rice opening up through music. The emotion in his sound is remarkable yet still enjoyable. His music is original and hard to compare to anybody else.

Kit Rice’s music verges on RnB but leans more towards a Soul sound with an Alternative twist. The British Urban artist has some great music, but the songs that stand out for me are BYOB (Probably his most upbeat track) and You Really Need Me. I also really enjoy the other two, though, especially Stay Gone. All of his works are solid except for when his vocals at times crack and do not reach the heights they need to (though he can do it, as I have heard him go up higher, especially at the finale of BYOB). After some tuning, I think that Kit Rice’s music could catch on quickly

So overall I would rate Rice’s music at 8.75/10. I recommend a listen to at least my two favorites, but would hope listeners could have the time to hear all four below and subscribe to his YouTube channel here:

-Austin Heath