Hear It First – Joey Bada$$ ft. Kiesza, “Teach Me”

Joey-badassI never thought I would see this collaboration, but then I did…Three months ago. Yup, Kiesza brought Joey on one of her own tracks a while ago called Bad Thing. Now that I dropped some not-so-much needed trivia on you (in other words, all trivia), I broke down and gave each song a brief listen, but found neither just to be what I like. Bad Thing did feel a lot less Pop-influenced than Teach Me does, but I regress.

Teach Me is more made for radioplay, but the chorus is rather enjoyable. I like Kiesza’s voice in general, and especially enjoyed Hideaway. However, this song just felt a bit too Taylor Swift-y for my tastes and lacks a bit of originality. Joey Bada$$ sounds alright but hardly genuine, giving the song subject just a general sense of un-focus.

Basically, the song sounds fine and dandy but isn’t very heavy in subject or uniqueness. You may or may not like it, or may be impartial as I am. You can hear Teach Me first below:

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