Music Recommendation – Single – Kid Wave, Gloom

Gloom is a song of the EP with the same name. It took a couple of listens but Gloom is actually starting to become a really good song to me, and not just because it is named similar to a Pokémon.

There is a lot of guitar, including the hook. This may not be a bad thing though as the vocals are not exactly my favorite part of the track. While they improve towards the end, the voices start by sounding like a bad cough after waking up on an Autumn morning (yes I have that bad cough because Fall hates me).

The guitar and percussion are the highlight of the song, which is rare to hear from me. I know this music to me is like a Rock fan listening to auto-tune, and I can respect a difference in sound. I will rate it neutrally, though I would be surprised if an Alternative music fan listened for the vocals. They do cap off well, but it leaves a bad taste in your mouth at the beginning, mostly because I have heard songs with much better vocals.

Overall, I would rate the song at 8.75/10. I have come to like the song, as obvious from this article. So regardless of my complaints above, I do recommend a listen:

-Austin Heath