Hear It First – Kid Ink ft. Chris Brown, “Hotel”

chris-brown-ft-kid-inkEver heard those hit songs “Show You” or “Main Chick”? Then “Hotel” might sound familiar. Although this time, I have to give Kid Ink some credit; “Hotel” remains catchy and fun while still slowly pushing outside the comfort zone of the hit-making duo. That being said, I didn’t like this song as much as I enjoyed “Body Language” at first listen.

There is nothing revolutionary and amazing about this song, but hey, I found it catchy. Don’t worry, there is plenty of autotune stuffed in there and it has that classic modern Hip-Hop/RnB sound. Look at that, I just contradicted myself back there. Let’s just move on then.

So go ahead and check out the new potential hit by Ink and Brown below:

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Music Recommendation – Single – Kid Ink ft. King Los, No Option

kid-inkDespite King Los getting more time on this song than Kid Ink, No Option technically belongs to Ink. However, Los not only snatched it away from him, he also kicked sand in Kid Ink’s face and punched him in the knards. I am not saying that Kid Ink is bad, I’m just saying King Los is that good.

I have always heard huge recommendations about King Los, but only recently heard my first song by the Baltimore rapper. His flow is some of the best and his lyricism is usually solid, though I have found its holes here and there. This is definitely my favorite Los verse(s) (mostly his first on this track).

Kid Ink sounds like the Kid Ink that we heard on XXL freestyles and his older music, but he dumped for a more appealing (though not to me) sound, shown in songs such as Show You and Body Language. The only weakness on this song is its hook, it just seems like a break for the two rappers. When you can drop bars like they do, you should be able to compose something in the chorus to make it more noteworthy. It’s just “No option” a couple of times and relies mostly on the beat.

Overall, I would rate this song at:


This is some extraordinary Hip-Hop music, and a highly slept on song. King Los in general is quite slept on, but any Hip-Hop fan has heard that before. However, there is no reason for a Rap listener not to play this song through and enjoy some of both of these artists’ best verses.

Go ahead and listen to the song and watch its corresponding music video below:

-Austin Heath