Hear It First – Kelly Clarkson, “Heartbeat Song”

kelly-clarksonSorry Kelly, but you may have actually forgotten how to turn it up all night long, all-all night long. Kelly Clarkson has been busy with having a baby and what-not, but she released a cutegasm-worthy teaser for the song last week. Her new release is a radio-hugging Pop venture and does not meet expectations after the meaningful music she has put out before this.

The song is made to stay stuck in your head after two listens, which it found a way to do to me. “Heartbeat Song” is not bad at all, but in comparison to Clarkson’s previous songs, just does not live up to the two-year wait for me. The tune is excessively chaotic and lyrics are redundant.

You can still hear it first below, as I expect it to hit the Hot 100 anytime now. Check it out:

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