Music Recommendation – Single – Breathe Carolina ft. Karmin, Bang It Out

Even more Breathe Carolina! Only this time, they team up with Karmin for a killer song. And when I say they, I mean David Schmidtt. Rest of the band is non-existent in the music video. Oh well, about the song now.

Bang It Out is actually a catchy EDM song that features the vocals of Karmin’s singer Amy on the vocals. As for her beau, also non-existent. Huh.

Lyrics can be a little cringeworthy, but the sound is great and Amy’s voice on her feature is solid. Overall I would say the song is a solid effort, despite the not-so-slightly overedited voices of Amy and David. My rating is a 8.25/10, but I do really like this song. Go ahead and try a listen below:

-Austin Heath