Music Recommendation – Single – JMSN, Street Sweeper

I saved this about a week ago to make sure I would still like it after a few listens, and it succeeded in being one of my favorites. While Street Sweeper is my first encounter with JMSN, apparently his work is very anticipated by many RnB fans. I can see why after this track.

This is one of those “can’t go back” kind of tracks, but it is very smooth and has an amazing beat that is just so mellow and RnB. It’s everything an RnB listener would want, and his voice seriously resembles Justin Timberlake in this song.

Overall, I would rate the song at about 9.5/10. The notes can be a bit too elongated on the hook but it does not at all ruin the song, and his voice is superb, leaving room for long holds. Give it a listen below:

-Austin Heath