Music Recommendation – Single – Justin Bieber ft. Kanye West and Raekwon, Runaway Love

Put this one in the list of craziest songs ever. Seriously, these three are together on a remix of Bieber’s Runaway Love. The song actually samples an older Wu-Tang Clan track, though I cannot quite remember which.

Raekwon has the best verse, but just enjoy the old Bieber voice hook. When I first heard this I thought it was a woman’s voice, then I remember this was his voice at one point. Kanye sounds pretty good, the song overall is decent but just the collaboration is in itself worth showing.

Overall, I would rate the song at 8.75/10. Both rap verses are solid, though the hook is hard to understand and the song itself can get a bit boring. Still worth a listen, check it out:

-Austin Heath