Throwback Thursday – Jefferson Starship, “Miracles”

miracles-jefferson-starshipHappy not-Thursday, and meet this week’s installment of Throwback Friday. Just roll with it as I share with you a classic that your parents may or may not have performed sexual intercourse to. Most likely, though.

Jefferson Starship’s biggest hit “Miracles” charted at #3 for a reason. That reason is mostly sex. Lovely 70’s hippie sex. I mean, I never went out of my way to notice the lyrics until I was a teenager and just kinda sat there wondering how I missed all of this as a kid. The song’s tone is actually a great mood setter, so I can’t blame the horny hippies.

I think my biggest complaint towards the song is the lyrics and their constant change from contempate-worthy to lack of depth. That, and how bloody long it is. The instrumental is very underrated though, and does its best to show off the talent on vocals while subtly carry the mood. Overall, I would rate the song at:


You can check it out and enjoy this throwback below:

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