Artist Recommendation – Jazmin Sisters

Jazmin Sisters are an Chinese-American sister group from Los Angeles who released their first EP, 90’s Baby, late last year. Each sister (Daria, Nadia, Felicia and Celia) takes turn showcasing their incredible voices in different verses throughout their six-track EP. Growing up on Motown and oldies like myself, the group was heavily introduced by their first taste of new music in the 90’s and sample several of their favorite songs in their EP. They gained much popularity from their harmonizing in videos on YouTube, such as this one (my favorite):

The girls appeared on MTV’s Top Pop Group and NBC’s America’s Got Talent. This gained them the publicity they would need to release 90’s Baby and give them praise from several key artists, including Eve, Ashanti, Michelle Williams, and other important RnB figures. They were even compared to TLC when on NBC’s StarTomorrow music competition by reknowned music producer David Foster.

This group obviously has the recommendations and referrals from some big names, so their music is definitely worth a listen. Make sure if you choose one you listen to their song You featuring rapper IAmSu, and produced by MIDI Mafia.

My overall rating on the group’s sound as a whole would be around 8.75/10. Sometimes the sampling is a little much, but their voices are each distinct and incredible. I am quite particularly fond of You and Valentine’s Heart. Give their EP 90’s Baby a listen below:

-Austin Heath

P.S. Wanted to say congrats on having your album release in Japanese this week, debuting at #3 on the Top RnB Albums there too!

EDIT: I also plan on reviewing the Japanese version when I get a chance to listen to it, hearing good things about it!