Music Recommendation – Single – Jay Sean, Tears In The Ocean

If you happened to be named Austin Heath and a devilishly attractive man, you will most likely have a special place for Jay Sean in your heart after you remembered everytime one of his hits came on at your middle school dance. Down was one of my first openings into modern music, which is a rather cool accomplishment for Mr. Sean.

Jay Sean has basically gone from catchy pop singer to RnB crooner. In other words, he’s gone from awesome to even awesomer. After leaving YMCMB and explaining his desires to go a different direction artistically, Jay Sean became literally everything I would want an artist to become. The RnB sound of Tears In The Ocean is truly enjoyable, and while I disregarded its release a few days ago at first, I have come to really love this track.

The song is a somewhat stereotypical love ballad, “if we find your teardrop in the ocean we’ll break up.” Honestly though, the whole concept is not very well grounded. Cue sarcastic rant about how water forms into ocean and properties yatta yatta yatta. When I’m cynical about a song it means I like it.

So overall I would have to rate the song at 9.25/10. I am a huge fan of the direction Jay Sean is going and I hope the UK singer’s fanbase feels the same. I recommend giving the song a listen below, and also staying tuned to what Jay Sean pulls out next if you are an RnB lover like myself:

-Austin Heath

P.S. Does this song sound like Lil Wayne’s Mirror in the beat a little? Or perhaps that’s just nostalgia goggles losing track of time.