Artist Recommendation – Jay Neezy

Meet Jay Neezy, an Houston rapper who is currently unsigned. Still only 17 years old, Neezy is the perfect artist for my blog to put into your perspective. I always say support local music, but I’m starting to think he might be more than just local soon.

Jay Neezy has fans gathering up throughout the country and is continuing to put out music since he began his mission to become famous back in early 2013. I found him on Twitter and decided to give his music a listen. I have quite a lot to say about it and have contemplated it all day.

The music Neezy puts out is very key to most famous hip-hop artists: similar beats, raps about girls/drugs/money, and different features. These adds to his songs are huge, the singers and rappers he chooses in some of his songs make them pro-level (such as in Platinum Girl and new single Take You Home). Others, however, have ruined the songs (such as Lil Zee). Despite this, he knows how to design a catchy track.

As for Jay Neezy’s personal rapping/singing skills, they have excellent potential. With the right beats his verses are better than several popular rap songs (see Here I Go for proof). However, the sound can be redundant and he can recycle lines and topics in his music.

My biggest recommendation for him would be to acquire a producer who understands and appreciates his sound and uses more utilization of his autotune. Neezy knows what the listeners like and will provide it when need be. Surely a music label will see that soon, he’s very smart and aware musically.

With inspiration from Eminem, J Cole, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Nas and more, Jay Neezy is starting to get his sound together and can provide some good listening very soon. Sounds a lot like Kid Ink to me personally. On his music overall, I would rate it at around 7.5/10 right now, but expect that to spike if he can reach the heights I think he will when he is signed and gets serious attention from professionals in the industry. I recommend a listen and I think quite a few people will also appreciate what he releases. Go ahead and listen below:

And his channel here:

-Austin Heath