Music Recommendation – Single – Jarell Perry ft. APSPDR+, “Quiet Life”

TD_JarellPerry_3_0I only follow a handful of artists on multiple social media platforms for the same reason I follow my girlfriend everywhere (shhh); to know everything they are doing at all times. When I discovered – nay, casually noticed Jarell Perry mention new music in 2015, I came prepared and kept an eye out in anticipation after his breakout White EP. Just a couple of days ago, the RnB singer dropped his new song “Quiet Life” with APSPDR and I hastened to give it a listen.

With all of this anticipation for new music, I went in expecting big things but trying to keep a level head. Despite this, I still found the song quite good and a big step forward for Perry. The song has a serious organ-based mellow vibe and features the signature echo to Jarell Perry’s voice. The love song features a simple but effective chorus and an ominous, though dominating, beat.

The production may be my biggest complaint, as it seems to attempt at outdoing Jarell Perry’s voice. Its high frequency still works with Perry’s voice, though its deep vibrating undertone feels better on its own as it fades out the song. Overall, I would rate the new release at:


Vocally, the song is very well executed and the flaws lie in production. It almost feels like a DJ’s remix and tampered with, while the original (and slower) sound would be much more appealing. While the production does disappoint at times, it also helps add to the effect of the song, and its holes do not necessarily ruin the song’s value to the listener.

You can stream the song below:

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Artist Recommendation – Jarell Perry

First off, I want to congratulate Jarell Perry. The RnB singer had his song Win featured in the trailer for upcoming movie Addicted. He also reached 5,000 Facebook followers 1,000,000 total YouTube views recently. As of late, Jarell Perry really seems to be getting some serious attention. But I don’t feel like it’s enough.

Jarell Perry is a gifted singer with some incredible music. His most recent EP, White, shows his musical capabilities and the potential that he has to be huge. His music is completely RnB, anyone can recognize it.

To me, his voice is incomparable, and he is currently one of my favorite artists. An excellent number of his songs feature plenty of love ballads, and tend to avoid sexual themes while instead having great meaning. Definitely deserves some more fame than what he already has.

I have so much good to say about this guy, yet it’s hard to write too much about him. I would rather have people listen to plenty of his music than read my rants about his art. If you enjoy smooth RnB/Soul, you will love Jarell Perry like me. Overall I give his music a 9.5/10. There are just a few songs I don’t find so favorable, but most of his music really appeals to me, and I see other artists and listeners picking up on this along with me.

Here are some of his songs and works, give them a listen below. My favorites are BraindeadBlack ValentineWin, and Getaway. I also really like Supreme, which I reviewed earlier and tweeted out to producer HSVN, who was kind enough to read it and favorite it. Hopefully Perry appreciates my recommendation for him as well. Go ahead and enjoy:

More of his music can be found on his personal YouTube channel:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – HSVN ft. Jarell Perry, Supreme

I will be going into Jarell Perry more soon enough, but since this song features only his vocals, I find it suitable to separate these. Supreme is mixed by Perry’s close friend, HSVN. The song attempts to combine RnB and Electronic, bringing a nice sound that is not too much of one or another.

This track has only a little above 500 listens, so very very unknown to listeners. I see a lot of potential in this song and HSVN in general. As for Jarell Perry, I will go into a lot about him later this week. Overall I give this song an 8.75/10. Give it a listen below:

-Austin Heath