Music Recommendation – Single – Human Life and Anabel Englund, El Diablo

It feels like I have not written about an EDM song in five-ever. However I did find a rather enjoyable deep-house-esque track worth sharing. This one is called El Diablo, and it is devilishly addictive.

The song’s synth is apparent throughout, but Anabel Englund’s vocals are hardly affected by it. The emphasis remains on her voice, while still complimented by the music behind her vocals. Both sets of vocals also compliment each other well, and the duet is a mellow and relaxing EDM song. I never thought I would find that combination.

The song is insanely long, at over seven and a half minutes. Obviously it is hard to listen to a whole song for that long, but this one was not difficult. Despite this length, however, the song hardly changes pace except for towards the finale, which can make the song’s length somewhat tedious to some listeners. I like the sound and appreciate the background noise as I work, but you can decide for yourself what you think.

Overall, I would rate the song at 9.25/10. You can stream the song below:

-Austin Heath