Music Recommendation – Single – Hopsin ft. Tech N9ne, Rip Your Heart

Rip Your Heart is underrated, and I could even go far as to say it features some of Hopsin’s best raps yet. Of course Hop Is Back might be a close second, but the gritty Rip Your Heart boasts lyricism that stands out from any Hopsin (or Tech N9ne) verse.

A lot of people argue that Hopsin is one of the best rappers currently, and luckily I usually agree. Because unfortunately, if I said before that he was not, this song would prove me wrong. The song is threatening while still motivating and simply jaw-dropping between the speed and lines that spit out of Hopsin’s lines.

Tech N9ne has a huge contribution to this song’s success, but then again I find it hard to discover a sub-par Tech verse. Finding a flaw in Tech N9ne’s music is like finding Waldo in a Martha Stewart Cookbook, that is after months of looking I stil have yet to find either (despite the rumors). It must just be non-existent.

I have been trying to post more about every genre, but often others get left behind, and sadly Hip-Hop has been put on a bit of a back burner. I think that this song will make up for the lacking of Rap music in my recommendations, and I hope to find more this week.

So overall I would rate the song at 9.75/10. The lyrics can go a bit off-subject and feel un-focused, but this is a Rap gem that should have more than 2.5 Million views. So give the song a listen below:

-Austin Heath