Guilty Pleasure – Ariana Grande, “One Last Time”

ariana-grandeI always loved the joke (and do not take credit for it) that says “Name an Ariana Grande song without the word “featuring” in it. The ironic part is that her first real hit without the word “featuring” happens to be my favorite. I tried hard to not like this song, especially after its corny music video. But what can I say?

I cannot pretend that I do not actually love this song. This could be either because I have not heard a song that really knocked my socks off in a while, or if subliminally it is just that good. Or maybe because the young adolescent in me once found Ariana Grande attractive. Still, the lyricism is low quality and the subject is selfish. The only thing that the song really has going for it is how repetitive the song gets so as to imprint its lyrics in your head. Pacing is not bad either, I suppose.

Important to note is that this is signature Pop music, beat and everything. I guess I was bound to find something by Ariana that I would like when her music is meant to appeal to an audience as wide as humanly possible. Overall, I would rate this song at:


I can’t say the song as a whole is completely terrible, otherwise I probably would not like it. However, I have to admit that there is not much going for “One Last Time”. The vocals are rather mediocre, but they don’t have much to do until the end of the song. Despite its flaws, I still find myself really enjoying giving this song a listen a few times a day.

You can check out the song below and help me figure out why I even enjoy this damn thing:

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Guilty Pleasure – Fun., “Some Nights”

fun.Meet AMP’s newest humor-filled feature, “Guilty Pleasure”. I will add a description of the “Guilty Pleasure” category in the “Features” page eventually, but for now I will give you a brief summary of what I do here. Basically, I take a song that I should not enjoy as much as I do and share how I would never tell my male acquaintances about my lust for this song. Then I tell you guys, my not-acquaintances, about it.

So I thought a fitting first installment would be everyone’s favorite Indie/Pop group whose name they actually recognize from that one party in 2012. By this, I mean Fun. and their hits “We Are Young” and “Some Nights”, or as I like to call the latter, “The fun Fun. song.”

But what is so fun about Fun.’s funny “Some Nights” song? Well, the song has a deep drum beat that subtly invades your body into a rhythm of head-bobbing and toe-tapping. The lyrics are easy to pick up and fascinating to contemplate. Also, the vocals are passionate about whatever the hell they are talking about in the song.

Of course, the song has loads of little flaws. It is dragged out a bit too much, that autotune is disgustingly misused, and it uses the ever-so-signature Pop melody of “Oh oh, whoa oh whoa oh” and so on. I feel embarrassed to say I find Fun.’s music enjoyable to listen to because I know that the moment I accept it as truth, people will mistake my tolerance for being an actual fan of the group.

Overall, I would honestly rate this song at:


Now that I have revealed my secret, you might as well listen to it and see if the same effect rubs off on you:

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