Music Recommendation – Single – James Fortune & FIYA ft. Monica and Fred Hammond, “Hold On”

hold-onI do not think I have written about a Gospel song yet, despite my love for its second cousin, twice removed of a genre known as RnB/Soul. Hold On does a beautiful job of combining both RnB and Gospel and makes a passionate but low-key and soulful Gospel song with a subtle message.

Being honest, it took me a couple of minutes to realize the song was a Gospel track. The song is easy to listen to, especially during the easy chorus. Monica’s vocals are smooth, though harmonized throughout the song and overkilled a bit. Fred Hammond’s aid towards the end of the song is probably the most enjoyable part, and the song ends on a positive note.

The song gets more and more upbeat as it continues, though not by a wide margin. The voice and talking of James Fortune in the beginning of the song, while motivating, can take away from the enjoyment of the musical aspect of the song quite a bit; but otherwise nothing really stands out as potential for ruining a good song.

So overall, I would rate the song at:


Hold On is a lovely and elegant track while staying soulful and enjoyable. Not a wide range of listeners may love this song, but those who enjoy Soul and Gospel could easily enjoy this song. You can hear it and watch the corresponding music video below:

-Austin Heath