Music Recommendation – Single – Flyleaf, Set Me On Fire

Okay, I am gonna post this. I promised myself I would do it finally. The reason I have a bit of a problem writing about this song is that I know virtually nothing not only about Flyleaf, but about the Hard Rock/Metal genre in general.

Flyleaf is, as implied by my ignorance above, a Metal/Hard Rock group originating in Texas back in 2002. The group has some age to them now, but have featured a change in vocalists. In 2012 Lacey Sturm departed from the band and Kristen May took the open slot. Therefore, May is the singer on this track.

So this group is Christian metal, which is insane to me that these two genres are combined. I have only heard a couple of other Flyleaf songs but Set Me On Fire is definitely my favorite. The song is passionate and has more of an Alternative/Rock feel to it that I enjoy more than Metal.

The opening right away sets the tone of the song, but the few lines before the hook really stand out. At times, the notes feel a bit long, but it does not take away from enjoying the song. The brief guitar solo at about 1:12 is cut a little short as well, as that was a huge climax in the tune, yet brought back before the bridge. The song is a loud and catchy, making it great pump-up music.

Overall, I would rate the song at 9.25/10. I really like the song for it’s genre, and when a song stands out in a genre I tend to not listen to so much, that is impressive. I recommend a listen below:

-Austin Heath