Music Recommendation – Single – Feed A Lion A Feline, Misplaced

feed-a-lionDespite their cannibalistic name, Feed A Lion A Feline make enjoyable music. Their metal-core music is intense, as their name may suggest. Misplaced is the group’s only single on a YouTube stream, but more of their live music can be found on their YouTube channel here.

I do not listen to much from the Metal genre, but I have been diving into it. I do not know much about this frontier, but others have recommended the group and I have heard some positive feedback on the track. If you are a serious Metal-core fan, you might enjoy this vocal-focused track.

Overall, and of course I have little room to judge Metal, I would rate the song at:


Just like the song title, any break from the deep scary voice seems misplaced, though the instrumental is quite enjoyable. I do feel like any Metal fan reading this blog should give this song and the up-and-coming group a chance. I also really wanted to change up my focus a bit with a new genre. You can stream the song below:

-Austin Heath