Music Recommendation – Multiple – Fall Out Boy, “Irresistible”; “Jet Pack Blues”; “Novacaine”; “The Kids Aren’t Alright”

fall-out-boy-2015I am going to be honest: I have never been a big fan of Fall Out Boy. I felt I gave their music a fighting chance for a while, and they just continually disappointed me. I could not see any appeal whatsoever. Writing for the website that I do, I run into Rock music quite a bit. Therefore, I write about Fall Out Boy about as often as Miley Cyrus posts a new picture of her nipple from a different angle: At least once a week, depending on how slow of a newsweek it is.

Wanting to branch out and listen to something different, I gave Fall Out Boy’s recent singles a chance. “Centuries” hardly did the trick, but “Irresistible” was worth noting. Then, just yesterday, the group released two new singles: “Novacaine” and, my new favorite song, “Jet Pack Blues”. So let’s break down my three favorite Fall Out Boy songs out there since some of their much earlier works below:

1. “Irresistible” – The epic brass intro leads into an immediately big first verse. This worried me that the chorus would explode to the point of being annoying, but the drop on the hook and build-up in the chorus makes for perfect pacing. I definitely felt after hearing this song that Fall Out Boy was moving in the right direction. Patrick Stump’s voice cracks a bit and sounds like it was pitched by my grandma, but Stump does manage to keep a quick speed in his lyrics and hardly gets a chance to breathe it seems. Production has a huge role in making “Irresistible” enjoyable and the final result is a good song.


2. “Jet Pack Blues” – Meet my new favorite song. The first stanza is the perfect speed lyrically, and has some great quotable lines. The chorus explodes into a big and easy-to-pick-up few seconds until it goes into the next short verse. The song is simple when it needs to be but has a complexity to its subject and tone. The bridge has a retro-guitar feel to it for a brief shining moment, but then gets just a bit too repetitive for me. Regardless, it became my favorite song and is some of the best I have ever heard by Fall Out Boy.


3. “Novacaine” – “Novacaine” does not compare very much to the first two in appeal, but it is a perfect loud Rock track. It gets chanty (which I can’t say I love), it relies heavily on guitar and bass, and is defiant like the teenagers listening to Fall Out Boy. The hook is intriguing and leads into a hair-flipping guitarplayer-pretending chorus. The bridge bothers me quite a bit because of the chanting and backup, but does not last longer than it needs to. “Novacaine” might not be the best song on the album, but it has a fun quality to it that is great for getting pumped up or just blasting some loud Rock in your earholes.


4. “The Kids Aren’t Alright” – I do not know what happened to the kids to make them not alright, but last time I checked Kesha had otherwise to say. While this one may not be as good as the first two, I do like the vocal pacing and the hook leading into the chorus. While this song is a bit more low-key (at least for Fall Out Boy), it still retains an entertaining nature to it. The whistling after the chorus probably bothers me the most, and the feeling of “ugh, get on with it” in the first verse. The second verse is paced much better, however. This is another solid FOB song that features some serious lyricism.


So there they are, my favorites on Fall Out Boy’s upcoming album American Beauty/America Psycho. It comes out on January 20, and I have all of this memorized I have to type it out a lot. But hey, at least I am stuck with a good band to write about. I hope that Fall Out Boy continues in this direction and make music that stays modern while indulging in the juicy sound that the group previously had in the mid-late 2000’s.

So which was your favorite song in my recommendations above?

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