Throwback Thursday – Elton John, Your Song

elton-johnI was not sure if I should use Your Song as a “Throwback Thursday” or a “Favorites Friday” post, but I realized that I want everyone possible to hear this track. I would rather recommend it neutrally than go on a rant saying how epic and incredible it and how I grew up on this masterpiece. In essence, I love this song, and you may have noticed if you saw me Top 50 for 2014 playlist, where this song placed #4.

Elton John has released plenty of classics, and I can recognize that Your Song may not even be his greatest accomplishment; However, the song could come very close to that. This song is perfect for its audience, a slow love ballad that finds the right pace and stays with it. I complain about a stationary pace and movement, but this song’s beauty is in its appealing characteristics despite its slowed-down tone.

1970 feels so long ago, but this song is still one of the best out there. I consider this song perfect, mostly in its gentle simplicity and subtle tone while emphasizing the humanity of the song’s love and its creator. The lyricism is genius and elegant. Therefore, overall I will rate this song a perfect:


This song has brought me chills since first hearing it as an infant on my parents’ wedding CD, and remains an all-time favorite. Saying it is a perfect creation is still staying neutral, for the blind listen could find this track flawless. It woke up like this.

You can take a trip down Memory Lane and listen to the song below:

-Austin Heath

P.S. A solid cover of this song is Ellie Goulding’s remake, which may not feature the perfection of the original, but does convey the beautiful sound of Your Song rather well. Check it out: