Music Recommendation – Single – Ellie Goulding, “Love Me Like You Do”

ellie-goulding2You know when you first hear a song, and you realize right away that it will be your favorite song? Well Love Me Like You Do was not that; At least, not at first. It took the impressive pacing and the second semi-explosive chorus to realize this was it; This would be my favorite song for a while. Love Me Like You Do increases at a perfect rate and will forever be my best example of good pacing and a template to which I will base other songs applying the same effect.

Midway into the song, at around 1:43, the song begins to climax. I know this song is part of the soundtrack of 50 Shades Of Grey, so I will give you a moment to chuckle at my wording back there.

Are you done yet? Moving on, the song uses that word-repeaty-thing to fill some time on the hook, which normally tends to drive me up the wall. However, this song pulls it off alright enough because the chorus has enough going on behind the lyrics to distract from this somewhat cheap characteristic.

While this was the Ellie Goulding sound I expected, it also had a brand of uniqueness and design that I was not expecting at all. The song is original but not outside of the typical Goulding fan’s comfort zone. The song gets a bit yell-y and chant-y at the end, but otherwise is easy to pick up and share.

This song has a huge appeal to the point I cannot imagine someone who I would feel uncomfortable sharing this as my favorite song with. Overall, I would rate this new release (yeah, I managed to make this a sort-of “hear it first” article) at:


Now that’s some Pop music I have not heard in a long time…a long time…

Basically, the song is good. I am not one to fall in love with Pop music, but then again I was never one to write about music. Looks like I screwed the pooch on that one. Insert Blink-182 reference here. I am very impressed with production, but want to call out the change in Ellie Goulding’s voice, most notably how it has toned down the synth effect that most listeners have grown accustomed to. This venture is greatly beneficial and again, I have to give a nod to the producers having some extra faith in Ellie Goulding.

So go ahead and hear this song first below, as I strongly recommend it:

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Throwback Thursday – Elton John, Your Song

elton-johnI was not sure if I should use Your Song as a “Throwback Thursday” or a “Favorites Friday” post, but I realized that I want everyone possible to hear this track. I would rather recommend it neutrally than go on a rant saying how epic and incredible it and how I grew up on this masterpiece. In essence, I love this song, and you may have noticed if you saw me Top 50 for 2014 playlist, where this song placed #4.

Elton John has released plenty of classics, and I can recognize that Your Song may not even be his greatest accomplishment; However, the song could come very close to that. This song is perfect for its audience, a slow love ballad that finds the right pace and stays with it. I complain about a stationary pace and movement, but this song’s beauty is in its appealing characteristics despite its slowed-down tone.

1970 feels so long ago, but this song is still one of the best out there. I consider this song perfect, mostly in its gentle simplicity and subtle tone while emphasizing the humanity of the song’s love and its creator. The lyricism is genius and elegant. Therefore, overall I will rate this song a perfect:


This song has brought me chills since first hearing it as an infant on my parents’ wedding CD, and remains an all-time favorite. Saying it is a perfect creation is still staying neutral, for the blind listen could find this track flawless. It woke up like this.

You can take a trip down Memory Lane and listen to the song below:

-Austin Heath

P.S. A solid cover of this song is Ellie Goulding’s remake, which may not feature the perfection of the original, but does convey the beautiful sound of Your Song rather well. Check it out:

Favorites Friday – Ellie Goulding, High For This (Cover)

I get it, it is Saturday (Sunday for some of you), but we all forget things and this entire week I feel like I have been a day behind for whatever reason. So let’s just pretend today is Friday (or very early Saturday depending on where you live) so I feel less pathetic. So hooray, it’s Friday! What are your plans for this lovely weekend? Spoiler Alert: Depending on where you live, it might snow.

Ellie Goulding’s cover of The Weeknd’s High For This is the subject of this installment of Favorites Friday. Most of the time, if The Weeknd is involved, I will give it a listen. I loved the original High For This, but something about Goulding’s voice on it made it even more likable. Together, I feel like these two would have made an incredible duet, but to each their own. I just want what I can never have.

So the real question of this post is this: Who dun-done it better? To be honest, it depends on your musical preference. Ellie Goulding’s version is much different from The Weeknd’s. In the end, despite my preference for RnB, I can almost definitively say that Ellie Goulding’s rendition is the better of the two. It is simply more entertaining and relies on both vocals and the complex beat.

That being said, I know a number of listeners who do not find Ellie Goulding’s voice appealing. Her sound is unique and stands out against other artists, and while I can go about saying I prefer British Pop over American, Ellie Goulding’s voice can over-do it for me at times. She is on point on this song though, and it is truly only dependent on whether or not you like her voice that proves if you will enjoy this song.

So overall, I would give the cover a 9.75/10. One of the best covers out there, a great change-up to the song and still an amazing piece. It’s a bit old but definitely worth sharing. Go ahead and check it out if you have not already below, as it is still one of my favorites over a year later:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding, Outside

The sequel to Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding’s I Need Your Love has a similar “In love with someone I can’t be with” vibe. This is also a bit of a Hear It First, as the song just dropped this morning (yet already has over 40,000 views).

I am a bit disappointed in how chaotic the song can be. Ellie Goulding sounds impressive, but any Hip-Hop fan automatically has to be a bit biased towards Ellie Goulding. It’s just a thing, don’t question it. Calvin Harris’ parts on the beat just sound very forced with extra noise that really is unneeded.

Overall, I would rate the song at about 8.75/10. Good comeback for I Need Your Love but just not the same song (which seems to have been the goal). Ellie Goulding sounds superb and Calvin Harris has some good pieces but the beat can be too excessive at some points.

Give the song a listen below:

-Austin Heath