Music Recommendation – Single – E. Redmond, Do You Want Me Too

eredmondE. Redmond may be up-and-coming, but his track Do You Want Me Too has a melodious tone to it that makes it worth hearing. I was originally made aware of Redmond by, and found this mellow Soul-y song quite appealing to an RnB fan like myself.

Redmond’s voice brings nostalgia in its throwback sound, but also reminds me of modern RnB talent Sebastian Mikael, whose music I have praised before. His high-pitched vocals and passion as the track concludes sticks to the roots of RnB and, though a change of pace appears only at the very end of the song, the track is entertaining to listen to.

The sound is slightly rough, though I cannot say for certain whether it is E. Redmond’s voice or just the quality of the track’s production. The piano-based beat helps compliment Redmond’s excellent vocal talent, but piano is a dangerous experiment in modern music and can weigh the song down to be unchangeable or simply over-stretched.

Overall, I would rate the song at 8.5/10. RnB/Soul listeners will definitely want to check this song out, so go ahead and stream it below:

-Austin Heath

P.S. You can also read Redmond’s bio on here.