Music Recommendation – Single – Don Benjamin ft. Eric Bellinger, Jealous

Eric Bellinger is the new Ne-Yo of AMP. In other words, it feels like all this site is for is to post about Eric Bellinger’s music. Well, he has been on features promoting his upcoming album Cuffing Season, which is due sometime in January of next year. So here he jumps on a track by Don Benjamin to perform the hook for the song Jealous.

Jealous premiered not too long ago, and it was my first encounter with Don Benjamin. The song is brief, ever so slightly over 3:00. Bellinger introduces it with the hook, but the whole “That’s a no-no” thing is slightly annoying. Otherwise, I thought Don Benjamin’s flow was solid. The rap lines were consistent and on focus, and overall the song is a catchy Hip-Hop track.

There is no real bridge, just a repetition of the chorus. The song has two rap verses, but it is short enough where it does not overstay its welcome and long enough to make it a viable piece of music. Overall, I would rate it at 8.75/10. You can listen to the song below and see what you think:

-Austin Heath