Artist Recommendation – DNYCENYC

DNYCENYC (that is rather difficult to type out everytime), or just DNYCE (somewhat easier), reached out to me on Twitter, one of my ideal websites to find new talent. Just wanted to point out I gained quite a following today for whatever reason, so thank you Twitter for boosting my self-esteem today.

Anyways, here I was, given a preview of the artist’s sound in #Dedicated2U, which would pull me in right away. After listening to the 2 minute snippet, I decided to give his other works a listen.

There are definitely some qualities I like about this artist. He has the ability to make good raps while using his vocals to make enjoyable melodies. His RnB sound is my preference, however, but I feel as though his Hip-Hop side has more experience and power. His flow tops many other up-and-coming rappers and his lyricism is quite impressive.

We all know my crush on RnB, like it’s the popular girl in school who I’ve been creeping on in the hallways for the last 3 years. Naturally I will have some bias towards that side of his music, but I must admit that out of the two genres his sound represents, RnB could use a bit of improvement. His recent mixtape Phresh Outta Highschool features more rap while he tunes his singing voice, which cannot seem to hit higher notes at all. In What I Need his singing perhaps reaches incredible heights and I would love to hear more of that.

I only mention need for improvement in his vocals because of the focus of his more recent music seems to be on RnB, and his base voice has potential to reach higher and longer notes with or without editing. I actually still enjoy his voice and really appreciate his rap verses, so either way, I am excited for more.

My favorite tracks by DNYCE are Junkie For Love, #Dedicated2U (yes I am allowed to like a snippet), and What I Need. I also recommend listening to Flashback. At the very least these four songs deserve a listen. Overall, I would rate the artist’s sound at 8.5/10. I can see this man reaching some high bars, both in rap and vocals. His talent is obvious and the music is very catchy and enjoyable. Go check out his Audiomack channel and give him a listen:

-Austin Heath