Music Recommendation – Single – Dawn Richard, Professional

Well, Danity Kane is officially splitsky. Again. That does not mean that Dawn Richard cannot have her own solo career. Here she releases her second single for her upcoming solo album, Blackheart.

The song is upbeat and features a complex beat. When I say complex, I am being polite, but actually mean annoying. It gets a little old after a while. The vocals are solid (if slightly over-edited and tuned) and when the beat calms down, the song improves.

The song is uptempo and catchy, much like Danity Kane’s previous works. Overall, I would rate the song at 8.25/10. You can give the song a listen below:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Danity Kane, Rhythm of Love

Danity Kane sang this one earlier in concert a few months ago, and it is finally available for listening! The song is very good despite not keeping to their usual RnB sound.

Here we get a preview of what is to come from the three girls and I for one am definitely excited. Overall I would give it a 8.25/10, just a little too mixed and EDM for what I expected. Still a solid track and I do want to hear more, so go ahead and give it a listen:

-Austin Heath