Music Recommendation – Single – Dalal, Taste The Night

dalalWe are going back a few years on this song, however I only heard Dalal’s music for the first time today. I have had a to-listen-to list where she had been bumped up high, and this song felt very shareable. Taste The Night is a mostly synth-Pop song that borders on EDM.

The beat varies in sound throughout the song, but stays at a high pace and provides uplifting sound. The vocals are highly influenced by production and tampered with, and while I find this appropriate for the most part, at times the synth just feels excessive. The song cannot seem to leave my head though.

YouTube comments have never been a reliable source of propaganda, but I do agree that Dalal’s voice reminds me of Britney Spears merged with Lady Gaga, with a sprinkle of Madonna. Meanwhile, I lost a bit of faith in the human race’s development from cave people by reading other responses. Regardless, some people strongly oppose the song’s sound.

If you liked this song, you may like Superman, which Dalal recently released. I found this song via, and you can read more about her and the song here.

Overall, I would rate this song at 8.25/10. The song is extremely catchy and very likable due to a wide appeal. Again, the amount of voice pitch and lack of unique lyrics can be a bit disappointing, but otherwise the song is rather enjoyable and I definitely recommend a listen below:

-Austin Heath