Music Recommendation – Single – John Haesemeyer, “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”

john-haesemeyerJohn Haesemeyer’s album Mirrors has not been his only contribution to music recently; He also released a funk-pop-type Christmas anthem called O Come, O Come, Emmanuel. There is a Soul-like emotion to the track that makes it a mellow piece good for sipping hot cocoa and enjoying an evening.

Haesemeyer’s cover of the classic Christmas should spark reminder of the holiday season and help fuel the enjoyment so many people have for it. Most have heard the song, and know its slow pace and tempo. Haesemeyer uses this to his advantage and takes the type of artistry and production on his sophomore album by translating it into this classic. He cites growing up with it every Christmas and having to perform in choir every year.

Of any song for this singer to cover, this is the perfect fit. It translates incredibly with his sound, and gives the whole song a holiday-inspiring feel. It is perfect for playing around the house and keeping on at low-key parties.

Overall, I would rate the cover at:


The song is great, though it hardly changes the general sound. It puts enough effort forward to make it different, but not specifically unique from any other version. Regardless, it is a cover of a Christmas classic and sounds beautiful in Haesemeyer’s voice.

You can get more information on the song at by clicking here. You can stream the song and watch its corresponding music video below:

-Austin Heath

Music Recommendation – Single – Jasmine V and GOLDEN, Me And My Broken Heart (Cover)

These two have a few covers together, but I believe their remix of Me And My Broken Heart is their best. The beat gets a bit of a summer-y change-up and the vocals keep the song switching sound often. But voices compliment each other well, but Jasmine V’s voice sounds (and looks) absolutely stunning.

When it comes to covers, this song is impressive. My only complaint would be the conflicting sounds by the two singers on the bridge. The “It’s just me” sounds a little off-tune by both performers. Otherwise, the song is an enjoyable cover and I recommend a listen.

Overall, I would rate it a 9/10. Go ahead and give the cover a listen below, and recommend a listen to their other duets:

-Austin Heath

Artist Recommendation – Taylor Byron

I have written about several cover artists before, but I don’t think any of them have captured RnB the way Taylor Byron has. His covers, though not long in number, featuring a long range of notes from a high sound of Michael Jackson to a lower pitch similar to Usher.

Byron does have one single, The Story of Us and another song releasing very soon. While I was not so fond of The Story of Us‘s intro, the song turns into an amazing track.

Overall, I would rate the artist’s sound at 9.25/10. The covers could definitely use a background beat or acoustic, but it definitely does not ruin the sound. We do have evidence in The Story of Us and Blurred Lines that his voice sounds quite good behind a beat. So now I will leave my favorites below, and if you want to hear more check out his official YouTube channel. So go ahead and enjoy his excellent voice:

-Austin Heath

Artist Recommendation – Tye James

Meet Tye James, a singer who has covered a few popular hits over the last couple of years or so. His covers are unique in their sound, usually behind an acoustic beat. My favorite is his Break Free cover of the popular Ariana Grande hit.

If I had to compare his voice to anyone, I would say it reminds me of Sam Smith. He reaches incredible heights in his notes and his singing deserves some recognition. I’ll be leaving my favorites of his below, and you can hear more on him on his official YouTube Channel:

Chandalier duet with Allyson Ryan:

-Austin Heath