Throwback Thursday – Counting Crows, “A Long December”

counting-crowsOnce upon a time, it was the year 1996 when events transpired. I would narrate to you some of those events, but I was not born yet, so what does it matter to me? According to my parents, one of the highlights of 1996 was not the discovery of my conception (for whatever reason), but the song “A Long December” by Counting Crows. If anyone came back through time from a future century and asked what the 1990’s was like, you could show them this song and your work would be done.

Now that I have established that I am a conceited ass, “A Long December” is one of the best Counting Crows songs out. It’s popularity came at a time when Alternative-Rock was about as big as naming your sons Brandon and Dylan (90210 reference for the win). The incredible piano and guitar support always made the vocals sound less raggedy, but I doubt that ever affected the song for anyone.

The song almost resembles Country music, save for the guitar solo on the bridge. While I could never relate with the love for the song, it is still a classic and solid pick for an “I’ve had a terrible month” song. The subject and message are deep and meaningful, though are hardly conveyed when half the words are butchered throughout the song. Overall, I would rate “A Long December” at:


So if you had a terrible December, go ahead and remember the song below:

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