Music Recommendation – Single – Ciara, “I Bet”

"VH1 Divas" 2012 - ArrivalsAs a faithful dude-bro in a long-term relationship, I tend to give the argument that not all men are cheaters or awful. Then I remember that Future cheated on Ciara, and I begin to doubt my own confidence in the male gender. The “Ride” music video awakened things in 14-year-old me that I dare not go into details about.

One thing I love about all of Ciara’s music is that it never conforms into what the media wants it to be; Ciara makes music as if she were performing when she started that develops based upon her life’s current stage. I think a great new song release is the best revenge against a failing and, to put it bluntly, wack Future.

“I Bet” is the perfect example of when you would confuse the song for a track on an older album. The song is empowering, though the backup singer (Rock City’s Theron Thomas) annoys me like crazy and takes away from the effect. If the song had been released without it, I might have given it a much higher rating. The RnB feel to the song is honest and by the bridge, turns into a passionate break-up song and fades out smoothly. The chorus is complex has a flow to it worth tuning in for the next go around.

So overall, I would rate the song at:


Again, the rating would have been higher as a solo work. Ciara does a great job on vocals and the beat is perfectly simple for the song’s mood and tone. The song just released today, so check it out and hear it first below:

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Favorites Friday – Enrique Iglesias ft. Ciara, Takin’ Back My Love

I have been waiting for this day all week, and with the first “Favorites Friday” on AMP, I have to show everyone my all-time #1 favorite song. An awful lot of people have heard this one, but I have to share it anyways so you can be aware of my undisputed #1 pick.

Without a doubt, Takin’ Back My Love is my favorite song. Ever. Seriously, out of every song I’ve ever heard to date, this is the best. Well, maybe not the best, but it is the one I still enjoy listening to the most. The track is passionate and energetic, and both voices are incredible. There is so much life in the song and this is another example of playing actor in music.

The song is similar to a typical break-up song, yet it feels so unique in the background sound and the passion from both ends of the duet. I know plenty of people who have not liked it, and it is hard to rate this neutrally, so bare with me.

I have to give this a 10/10 and seriously recommend a listen if you have not heard it already. Either way I have been pumped to reveal my favorite song all-time, one of those things you can’t explain but it is just undisputed #1. Enjoy below for old time’s sake or for the first time:

-Austin Heath